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Monday, 12 September 2011

1st Day Questions..

How is life without energy?
Oh no! I just can't imagine my life without energy. if there is no energy, how can i wrote in this blog and how can u read this? if there is no energy, my room will be so dark n hot now because there are no lights and fans. if there is no energy, Malaysia will never be like nowadays. for me, energy is very important in our life. yes we can live without it but who wants to live like an ancient people from thousand years ago? not me for sure!so i'm very-very thankful that there are many energies that we can depend on now because  for me there will be no life without energy!

How does energy shortage affect our life?
Energy shortage will affect our life in many ways such as there will be no progress in our state developments and people will face difficulties in doing anything. 

What do you know about nuclear energy? Can it be the dominant energy source in Malaysia? 
Nuclear energy is produce from the splitting of uranium atoms or also known as fission process. it can produce electricity and i think it can be the dominant energy source in Malaysia like petroleum if we know how to handle it properly.


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